PUBG Mobile brand new Season 8 brings new features, weapon, skins


Along with the new Royal Pass season, PUBG Mobile new update brings a lot of new content and features for the users to try.

Popular smartphone games developer Tencent Games has officially rolled out PUBG Mobile update v0.13.5 this week. New features, theme, outfits, skins, and weapons have been introduced in the new PUBG Mobile Season 8.

Royale Pass Season 8

The oceans and beaches themed Royale Pass season 8 comes with new skins and outfits

The Royale Pass Season 8 comes with new Oceans and beaches theme, bringing along new skins and outfits as well. The owners of the pass can also participate in the Summer Carnival event.

New Weapon

New 9mm Sub Machine Gun PP-19 Bizon is available on the Erangel and Vikendi map

The biggest addition in the latest season is a new Submachine Gun PP-19 Bizon. The gun, however, is available only in the Erangel and Vikendi Map.

With a capacity of 53 rounds of the 9mm ammo, the magazine is the largest for any gun in the game, apart from the M249. PP-19 can be equipped most of the Sub-Machine attachments including the vertical and horizontal recoil, but not the extended mag.

However, the extended mag does not seem to be necessary for the gun, as it already features a pretty large magazine itself. Bizon has a similar fire rate with its 9mm sibling UMP-9, and quite similar damage value as well of 35.

New Graphics

HDR Graphics will now be available for most smartphones that are able to support it

The other major feature is the new HDR mode. HDR has been available before for High-end smartphones like Galaxy S10, OnePlus 7 Pro, and even on Flagship killers like Poco F1.

HDR option delivers better visuals and details for smoother gameplay experience and now comes for most budget smartphones as well that are able to support the feature.

Rating Protection and Tier Transfer

New Season 8 tier rewards include an AWM skin for reaching and playing in the diamond tier

The new Season introduces a rating protection card. This feature enables you to maintain your ratings without it being deducted as long as the card is active. The ability of the card is however limited to Crown tier or below will come in two types, determined either by duration or the number of uses.

As for the new Tier transfer rules, tiers below Gold are transferred as-is to the next season. That implies that Silver and Bronze players will maintain their current tier as they move into the new season.

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