Rain the ultimate rival of teams in the World Cup

Rain the ultimate rival of teams in the World Cup

Each of the world cup teams would face off against the 9 other sides in a Round-Robin group stage. Each team would assess the other 9. Each side possesses a certain amount of threat. But what any team fears the most right now, is the rain.

Rain halts the match abruptly, ruins momentum, and when the sky refuses to stop pouring, it doesn’t even give the teams a chance to compete. The only thing worse than a poor match is a match unplayed.

The destructive rain has killed off 3 important matches in the present world cup so far. This is the most number of matches that have been abandoned due to rain in any world cup. The weather suggests probability of rain in other upcoming matches as well.

Sri Lanka has faced 2 consecutive washed out matches against Pakistan and Bangladesh. The other match to suffer the same fate was the clash between South Africa and West Indies. Although 1 point has been awarded to the teams, each one of them would be dwelling on what could have been. They would appreciate the chance to get all 2 points.

The chance of rain would be on the back of every captain’s mind right now. Even if the match is not called off, there still remains the possibility of the match continuing with revised scores as per the D/L method.

The world cup is at an exciting stage and all upcoming matches would be crucial. Fans would be hoping for a turn of fortunes as far the weather is concerned. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see cricket lovers chanting ‘Rain Rain go away’.

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