Take a look at India’s best and worst world cup campaigns

Take a look at India’s best and worst world cup campaigns

India is currently playing their 12th cricket world cup. In the previous 11 occasions, India has won the trophy twice. India are one of the favourites to win the world cup this year, but their worldwide stature was not always the same. Let’s go down memory lane and analyze the best and worst performances of India in world cups.

The worst ones

1979 – The world cup without a win

India in 1979 was not really a world class side. No one would have bet their money on India qualifying back then. It turns out to be the only world cup where India lost all its matches. They were sent packing after losing all 3 group stage matches against West Indies, New Zealand and Sri Lanka.

2007 – The shock defeat to Bangladesh proved way too costly.

The 2007 India were promising. It was the era when India were rising slowly but surely as a superpower in the cricketing world. They went into the championship with the aim of bringing the cup home. But in their first challenge, they faced probably the most humiliating defeat in their history of world cup matches.

They lost miserably to a much weaker Bangladesh side. They were hopeful after their big win against Bermuda, but in the do or die clash against Sri Lanka, India collapsed once again. Their group stage exit was one of the big shocks of that year’s world cup.

The best ones

1983 – Underdogs went all the way.

The Indian side of 1983, under Kapil Dev, is today considered one of the most ferocious teams to play the game. Their spirit was unlike anything ever seen before. The side wasn’t made of reputed or well-known talents but once they came into their stride in the elite tournament, there was no stopping them.

They not only challenged but also won against the strong teams like Australia, West Indies before defeating the favourites England in the finals.

2011 – True Champions

The tournament in 2011 was hosted in India. India had recently risen to no. 1 ODI team spot. Their team was formidable and had excellent players in every department. India seemed comfortable in every match and won the tournament with such an ease that is associated with real champions.

Since 2011, India has gone from strength to strength and don’t seem like stopping anytime soon.

2019 world cup is yet another challenge for the team. India will look to show an ever better display. ONCE AGAIN! That’s what Indian fans will be telling the team. The third star is the dream of every player and fan right now.

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