Rishi Kapoor is Out of Danger now, Declared Cancer free : Confirms Filmmaker Rahul Rawail on Facebook

The post shared by the filmmaker Rahul Rawail says,

The Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor went to the US for his cancer treatment last year in September. Though the news wasn’t made public by the family members for a long time and this only came to the fore by his wife Neetu’s posts. However, those posts were not a confirmation that the actor is battling with cancer but an indication.

The post went viral on social media which lead to a number of suspicions that revolved around Rishi’s health. According to Hindustan times Reports, when Randhir Kapoor was asked about Rishi, he said,” I don’t know much about it but this much I can tell you that (Rishi Kapoor) is doing well, that’s all. Let people say whatever they want to.”

On the other hand, according to a source which is close to Kapoor told IANS about Rishi that he is feeling homesick, and wants to return back as soon as possible as they have an upcoming wedding. The source informed,” Rishi is homesick and very eager to return home. They have a wedding to plan And he’s counting the days”.

The post shared by the filmmaker Rahul Rawail says,"Chintu(Rishi Kapoor) is cancer free".

Recently, a post on social media went viral. The post has been shared by the filmmaker Rahul Rawail which says that the actor is cancer free. The post has been shared by the filmmaker today a few hours ago which spreads the message of the actor’s wellness,” RISHI KAPOOR (CHINTU) is CANCER FREE!!!!”Also, According to the latest interview with news agency PTI, Ranbir was seen saying that his father will be home soon.

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