Varun Dhawan took to twitter to Demand Justice For Keenan-Reuben Murder Case : Actor Opposes Mumbai High Court Decision as Non-acceptable

Recently, the Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan was seen taking an objection to the court's decision.

The Kalank actor recently took to Twitter to demand justice for Reuben and Keenan’s murder. The duo was killed while they were trying to defend their female friends from a group of men who were passing lewd comments on them.

The incident took place in October 2011 when Keenan tried to offend the men and the way they were dealing with the girls, and Reuben later joined him. But after some time, the group of men returned again and attacked both of them with knives which left Reuben and Keenan with a lot of injuries. While Keenan died on the spot, Reuben died after a week because of severe injuries suffered by him.

The Bombay High Court recently announced their decision where the accused have been granted leave. Recently, the Bollywood actor was seen taking an objection to the court’s decision. The tweet shared by the actor reads,” This cannot be allowed, this man has committed murder how can he be allowed out. I knew Reuben personally Keenan and he deserve justice we cannot allow this #mumbai.”

The actor has taken an offense to the court’s decision and demands justice. Varun as a person is such a wonderful personality who always stands for the right and wrong.

The High Court Judges: Justice Bhushan Dharmadhikari and Justice Prakash Naik dealing with this case say that “the convict Jitendra Rana has been granted leave so that the accused can maintain contacts with his family and the society.” However, he will have to report to the police station on a daily basis so that the police can watch what he is up to. On the other side, in 2016, three other persons namely, Satish Dulgaj, Deepak Piwal, and Sunil were accused to be involved in Keenan and Reuben murder case.

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