DELHI 6 – Foodies Delight : Read Full Article to know the real Delhi


Delhi 6 or Old Delhi is a place which is considered as the heart of Delhi itself. It not only has one specialty but many, whether its about shopping, monuments, spices and of course Food.

There are so many famous places to visit in old Delhi.

Lets start with Chandni Chowk where you can see the love and peace between all the religions on a single road as it has Lal Mandir (Jains temple), Gauri-Shankar mandir (Hindu temple), Shishganj Gurudwara (Sikh temple), Shaahi Sunehri Masjid(Muslim mosque) and Central Baptist church( Christian prayer place) all situated near to each other. It shows the unity in diversity.

Nation’s pride Red Fort (Lal Qila) is also in Chandni Chowk which tourists love to visit. It has a museum, a mosque, and much more to see. Inside you can get some eatables also. The sound and light show describing Mughal history is a tourist attraction in the evenings.

Annapurna Bhandar is a well known sweet shop located opposite Shishganj Gurdwara. People may visit this shop if they like Bengali sweets.

Paranthe Wali Gali is known for its stuffed fried paranthas (vegetable stuffed fried chapatis). They can serve you with approximately 50 types of paranthas. The parantha is usually served with sweet tamarind chutney, mint chutney, mixed vegetable pickle, potato curry, and a sauteed mash of sweet pumpkin.

In Dariba you will get beautiful silver and gold jewelry as well as you can taste the sweet and spicy Aloo Tikki, roasted aloo chaat, Gol gappe, Pao bhaji, Dahi-Bhalla-Papdi chaat, Daulat ki chaat(sweet) and much more. You should try the Jalebi walas jalebis which is a famous shop at the corner of dariba towards Chandni chowk main market.

In Kinari bazaar people can shop all kind of fancy stuff for house decoration purpose and can get deities dresses and jewelry.

If you go further deep on the same street you can have the best traditional wear shops, especially if you are shopping for a wedding, this place is a gem for you where you can get latest designs and patterns of sarees and lehengas.

People who are fond of books definitely visit Nayi Sadak which is near Chawri Bazaar. Here, all kinds of books are available whether its students course books or other categories.

Old Delhi’s special breakfast dish Halwa-nagori-sabzi ( crispy hollow wheat ball filled with potato curry or sweet halwa) is a must try for all. In sita-ram bazar, a shop called Ram Swaroop serves this food item. People can get Kamal ki Kachori (spice stuffed fried wheat balls with spicy chickpeas curry) at the same street if there are some spicy food lovers. There rumaali roti and veg chaap is another popular item to eat.

Khari Baoli is a place in Delhi 6 which is popular for its spices and dry fruits.All the shops there sells high quality dry fruits as well as spices.

In that market, the strong smell of the spices may make you feel sneeze. You can also have a great Indian meal in that market at :

*Kake Di Hatti.

Speciality- Indian food like naan, dal makhani, shahi paneer, kadai paneer, etc.

*Gol Hatti.

Speciality- chhole chawal with sprinkled onion(rice with chickpeas curry).

*Giani Di Hatti.

Speciality-sweet dishes like rabdi-faluda, moong dal halwa and unique flavours of ice creams.

You can get the best Karachi Halwa at Chainaram sweets shop which is also in khaari baoli. It also has a huge mosque called Fatehpuri masjid which also attract tourists.

People should surely visit the world famous Jama Masjid which is one of the biggest mosque of India with the capacity of 25000 people at a time. People can get lots of non vegetarian food restaurants near jama masjid.

The nearest metro stations are:

Chandni chowk metro station, Lal Qila metro station, Chawari bazaar metro station, Jama masjid metro station which are interlinked with Rajiv chowk and Mandi house metro station.

Do visit Delhi 6…see the heart of Delhi…and experience the taste of its great food..

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