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Shimla is a beautiful hill station situated in Himachal Pradesh, India. Shimla is “India’s queen of hills” quoted Peter Aronson.

Recently I visited this amazing place and gathered some useful information for you all that you need to keep in mind while planning a trip to Shimla.

Being small it does not consist of much tourist attractions but the few are heavenly to visit.
These are:

1. Christ Church 

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It is located on the ridge. The Church symbolize Shimla itself. While walking on the ridge it will give you a great feeling of satisfaction and your eyes will stick to the mesmerizing view of mountains covered with snow all over.

2. Shimla mall road:

Mall road of Shimla is the biggest attraction for tourists. It is full of gift shops, top international brand showrooms, restaurants and much more to Rome around. The Indian cafe house is a great place to spend your evenings and bakeries like Baljees, Trishul, cake master will serve you mouth watering bakery items.

3. Jakhu Temple:

This temple is dedicated to the monkey god (Shri Hanuman Ji). The temple is at the top of the hill and has an immense population of monkeys.

It has a statue of Lord Hanuman which is 108 feet high and constructed at a cost of Rs 1.5 crores. You can even see this statue from the mall road resembling its powerful presence on the mountain.

Jakhu Ropeway connects Jakhu temple to the ridge ground and is the first ropeway in Shimla.

4. Chail and Kufri:

Not in Shimla but Chail and Kufri are the nearby places which tourists visit often, especially if there is no snowfall in Shimla, people prefer to go to these spots. Narkanda is also included in this list nowadays which is 80 km from Shimla and is famous for snow activities.

Kufri is 16 km away from Shimla whereas Chail is 42 km away. In Kufri, there are lots of fun activities like ropeways, go-carting, skiing, etc but the most popular one is horse riding which will cost you Rs.500/- as set by the government.

It was an extraordinary experience and the route was full of ups and downs plus the scenery from both the sides was catching the hearts of the people.

The bumpy ride ends after covering almost 1.5 km route and you can then enjoy activities like shooting, scenic view, the telescopic view of the mountains, pictures with Yakk,

pictures in the traditional dress of the region, shopping, can visit kali mandir, etc. You can also do river rafting in Tatta Pani which is on the way.

5. Different markets:

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There are a few major markets in Shimla that you can visit and can get good and reasonable stuff there to take away with you. Such asLakkar Bazaar, Mall road, Ram Bazaar, lower Bazaar, and upper Bazaar as well.

6. The Viceregal lodge:

This is the former Viceregal lodge built in 1884 and is now known as the Indian Institute of Advanced Study. Because Shimla used to be the British Government’s summer capital at the time of the colonial period, most of the buildings are based on British style architecture.

The best time to visit Shimla is between November- February as the chances of snowfall is quite high at this time.

Some points to keep in mind:

  • Taxi drivers at Kalka may fool you by charging high rates. Bargaining is the ultimate solution. You can take a taxi for the whole trip while making a package including all the famous tourist spots in around Rs.10,000.
  • Keep an umbrella and plenty of woolen clothes if the trip is planned in between the month of December – February, as the snowfall may occur anytime.
  • Beware of monkeys at Jakhu temple.

Ways to reach Shimla:

By Road:
You can take National Highway 22 (NH-22), which connects Shimla to Chandigarh. The distance is 120 km. From Delhi, it is 380 km. (Via taxi or bus)
By Train:
There are trains like Kalka mail, Himalayan queen which reaches till Kalka and after that, you can either take a connecting Toy Train to Shimla or can rent a taxi.
By Flight:
The nearest airport to Shimla is the Chandigarh airport.

Do visit Shimla and feel the Heaven on earth.
Let’s make the journey worth remembering.


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