10 Must have essentials to carry with you this summer : Things you should always have in your bag pack.


Summers have started and it’s time to gear up to protect yourself from the heat and adverse effects of summers that we all face.

Whereas on one point summers are necessary to complete the climate cycle but on the other hand it comes up with tanning, sweating, skin burning, dehydration and much more. Even after all that we can’t stop going out. So to conquer that you must contain these essentials to our bags.

To outshine and beat the summers we have come up with these 10 bag essentials

10 Must have in your bag to beat the summer:

1. Sunscreen 

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Sunscreens are must to protect your skin from tanning. It saves the skin from the bad UV rays which make the skin dark and dull. Sunscreen makes a protective layer on the skin to stop the harmful UV rays to come in direct contact with the skin.

Try to use the sunscreen of at least SPF 40 to deal with peak summers. Otherwise, you can use SPF 30 for the light summer season.

2. Sunglasses 

"lifestyle, sumer, skin care, must carry in bag"

The second most essential in your bag should be the sunglasses to protect your eyes from the hot waves.

Exposure to intense sunlight may cause irritative conjunctivitis, resulting in red, watery eyes and discomfort. When exposure is greater, it may cause keratitis, an inflammation of the cornea with symptoms such as pain and even blurred vision.

3. Cotton Scarves

"lifestyle, sumer, skin care, must carry in bag"

While going out tr to cover up your face and head with a scarf. Covering your skin with a cotton cloth will be great to protect your skin from summer and also the cotton cloth will let your skin breathe through it.

4. Lip Balms

"lifestyle, sumer, skin care, must carry in bag"


In summers dehydration makes your skin and lips dry and cracky. to avoid that, always carry a lip balm to your bag. Appy that at least 4-5 times a day or whenever you feel your lips dry. This will help in keeping your lips moist and soft. Try to use lip balms with SPF 15.

5. Sanitizer 

"lifestyle, sumer, skin care, must carry in bag"

Summer leads to more germs and bacteria that takes place very quickly in our skin and can lead to different skin problems and sometimes allergies too. To avoid that, use sanitizers to get rid of germs.

6.Wet Wipes

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In summers dust and heat waves makes a layer of dirt on your face which stops your skin to breathe and make it look dull and dark.

Use wet wipes with you to clean your face once or twice a day while out. It gives a refreshing and soothing feel to your face and removes all the dust and dirt particles from the skin.

7. Dry Tissues

"lifestyle, summer, skin care, things must have in bag"

Summers is full of sweat. To wipe the sweat off, carry dry tissues to pat the face gently to remove excess sweat and oil from the skin.

Dry tissues have multiple uses and can be used for various purposes also, so one must carry these always.

8. Pocket Perfumes

"lifestyle, summer, skin care, things must have in bag"

In summers sweat is released which sometimes causes bad body odor. To avoid that use long-lasting deodorants or roll-ons as well as always carry pocket perfumes with you to apply that often. It will give you a sense of freshness and helps in stimulating the body senses in a positive manner.

9. Water bottle

"lifestyle, summer, skin care, things must have in bag"

Summers are super tiring and always lead to dehydration. This can cause unconsciousness and low energy. Drink lots and lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. Always carry a water bottle to your bag.

10. Fruits

"lifestyle, summer, skin care, things must carry in bag"

Fresh fruits will always help you to rejuvenate the energy and strength in summers which got exhausted while we go out in a heated atmosphere.

Carry fruits like apple, orange, grapes which have water substance in them and similar fruits which are juicy yet easy to carry in bags.

Follow these tips and carry such summer beating things in your bags.

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