Best tips for protecting your skin and hair to enjoy the festival of colours : Read the full story

Holi is the festival of colors and full of joy and happiness. In India, Holi is played to celebrate the win of good over bad. While it includes lots of fun and enjoyment while playing Holi, it leads to damaged skin and many bad after effects of the harmful chemical colors on our skin causing acne, burning sensations, itchiness, and sometimes severe skin problems.

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To avoid and overcome such problems We have come up with some Holi skin care hacks this time.

Simple and effective Holi hacks to protect your skin.

Pre Holi hacks:

1. Mustard oil or coconut oil
Apply mustard or coconut oil to all over your body and to your hair to protect them from harmful colors which causes dryness.

2. Petroleum jelly
Apply petroleum jelly to your lips, eyelids, and ears. This helps in smoothing the skin and not let the colors settle on skin easily.

3. Apply sunscreen
The most important hack to safeguard your skin from colors as well as from harmful sun rays is applying a thick layer of any suitable sunscreen of your choice.

4. Wear full sleeves clothes
Avoid wearing short clothes and wear full clothes to cover your body as much as possible to prevent direct contact of colors from your body.

5. Cover your head.
While covering full clothes, don’t forget your head. Wear a cap or cover your head with a cloth to protect your hair from damaging.

6. Nail polish

Apply nail polish of any color of your choice. This will help your nails to remove the color afterward easily as well as it will give a great pop up to the nails while playing Holi.

"holi, skin care, lifestyle"

Post holi hacks:

1. Dry clean
Before taking a bath try to Dry clean yourself By using any dry cloth to remove the access colors from the body.

2. Chandan (sandalwood) paste
Use a certified Chandan powder and mix it well with cold water.  Apply its layer on your face. It will work as a cooling mask And will help in giving your skin a coolness and prevent irritation and itchiness.

3. Take a long bath
Before using any soap rinse the color off with warm water thoroughly.
Use Shampoo instead of any soap to avoid dryness.  Soap is made up of harsh ingredients which can lead to dry and rough skin whereas shampoo will spread easily and remove color quickly without making the skin harsh.

4. Moisturizer to the rescue
After taking a good bath, apply any suitable moisturizer of your choice. Moisturizer will help your skin to stay hydrated and prevent roughness. It will also lead to removing the remaining color by softening the pores.

5. Sunscreen.
The next day, if you are planning to go out for work or anything, do not go outside bare face. There will be plenty of color remaining on your skin which can cause acne of came in direct contact with the sun.
So apply a good amount of sunscreen.

6. Aloe Vera
Message your face with aloe vera gel daily to cool your skin.
Aloe Vera contains cooling and moisturizing properties which will help your skin to maintain the PH balance.

Try these easy hacks and play Holi without any fear. This time dil kholke khelo holi.

Tip: Try to use herbal colors while playing Holi which will do less damage to the skin.

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